Why We Wear Linen

Linen has been worn for at least four thousand years; the Egyptians tapped into the fibre’s versatility a long time ago, utilizing the stalks of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum to establish a revolutionizing industry.  During the Victorian era, linen became the most desired luxury in bedding amongst European aristocrats because of its cool-to-the-touch quality and natural softness.  More importantly, linen and flax are extremely durable materials, meaning that a linen top or dress is a far better investment than a garment of another fabric.  A brand new cotton shirt might feel more comfortable to touch at first, but it will have disintegrated long before its linen equivalent is even showing signs of wear.  That said, it’s important to remember that linen is a bast fiber, which means that it becomes softer through handling.  When you buy a linen dress, it might feel crisp to the touch, but with time, it becomes silky soft and takes on a mature elegance, just like you!  


The versatility of linen goes far beyond its various uses.  Zahara’s Boutique stocks linen pieces of clothing in all silhouettes and colours that are acceptable of any and all of the four seasons.  Whether you winter in Florida or Muskoka, whether you spend your summer holidays in Provence or the Hamptons, there is a weight of linen that will keep you feeling your best from morning through evening.  Studies of linen worn in the summer show that a linen dress will keep its wearer 3 to 4 degrees cooler than a wearer of a similar cotton dress.  Furthermore, the properties of linen have proven to naturally block UV rays.  

These facts have contributed largely to the general assumption that linen and flax are summer fabrics, but don’t let yourself be fooled!  Heavier linens are perfect for cooler months given that linen is also a natural insulator.  Perfect for layering up on a cold winter day or layering down for a brisk fall night.


If those aren’t enough reasons to wear linen, here’s something that will surely convince you: linen is antiallergenic and antibacterial.  Before its benefits were known to the clothing industry, the fibres and oils of the flax plant were often used in bandages and healing ointments because of their ability to fight germs.  If you are someone who struggles with skin sensitivities, especially when trying to find clothes that won’t irritate your arms and legs, you will fall in love with the antiallergenic properties of linen and flax.  

Wearing linen isn’t simply a ‘look’ or a fashion, it’s a lifestyle with amazing benefits that you will both see and feel!  Whether you are a linen expert or new to the field, drop by Zahara’s Boutique to shop the latest linen pieces.

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