Petite To Plus Size Clothing

Natural, elegant fashion for every body type

Comfort and confidence for every body type.

Just as every woman’s experience at Zahara’s is unique to her body and personality, the styles we offer are designed to accentuate each woman’s best features, whatever those may be.  Beauty cannot be generalized and in understanding the importance of each individual, the Zahara’s staff refuses to generalize the styling experience.  At Zahara’s, there are clothes to suit every woman and every body shape.  From petite clothing to plus size clothing, there is something flattering for you.  Nobody at Zahara’s is perfect; through embracing our imperfections we are beautiful and we encourage you to find the same within yourself.  As a function of our devotion to natural sophistication and free-flowing silhouettes, the lines carried at Zahara’s Boutique suit petites and plus sizes alike.  Whatever your personal tastes, we offer a myriad of style basics and statement pieces as well as jewelry and other accessories like hats and scarves that will complete your look.  One piece on its own will look fabulous; an asymmetrical linen top is simple yet elegant enough to hold its own with a pair of jeans.  But allow us to dress you from head to toe in Zahara’s and you will surely leave feeling like the extraordinary woman that you are.  The options are endless.  Combine colours and styles across various brands to create a wardrobe with unlimited possibilities.  White, black, and other neutrals will always be in stock and can be complemented by any of a plethora of seasonal colours to customize your look.  Simple silhouettes will always maintain the basis of our collection, while asymmetrical and one-of-a-kind pieces are available to satisfy the adventurous shopper.  From eclectic to subtle styles and all those in between, everything is possible with the styles at Zahara’s Boutique.  Natural sophistication is attainable by any woman who walks through the door; whatever your size, shape, age, or personal style preferences, the women at Zahara’s are prepared to help you look and feel like the beautiful woman you already are.

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