Our Products

Welcome to a new kind of women’s clothing.

As an exclusively women’s clothing store, our staff specializes in styling the well-traveled woman whose elegance and personality is not confined by structured silhouettes or synthetic materials.  Our sole priority is to dress you in the looks that reflect your true beauty.  At Zahara’s Boutique, we draw from a variety of natural and economically-conscious clothing lines to deliver a style that we call ‘natural sophistication’.  With brands from all over the globe, Zahara’s encourages women to explore their inherent beauty and tap into an elegance they may have yet to discover within themselves.  Life changes quickly, and so do we. It can be frustrating to look in the mirror and find that the woman staring back does not reflect her spirit within. Medication, stress, and gravity all take their toll on us as time goes on and add to the frustration of dressing stylishly.  But that does not change how a woman feels inside.  It is important to remember that you can be the person you feel on the inside – your youth is still there – and Zahara’s offers ways for you to channel the energy of your younger self into a collection of essential wardrobe pieces.  A woman’s spirit is forever growing in beauty and wisdom and we believe that this should be reflected in how she dresses. Everybody should look in the mirror to find their true self smiling back. The staff at Zahara’s Boutique are devoted to using their skills in women’s fashion to dress you to your full potential.

Natural fabrics.

In line with the store’s dedication to promoting natural sophistication, the brands carried at Zahara’s are wholesome in their production.  Go to any street market in France or Italy and you will find stall upon stall of linens for sale.  It’s the fundamental fabric for most rural and urban lifestyles and has been used for thousands of years.  Zahara’s Boutique draws on this lifestyle, offering natural linens, flax, gauzes, and cottons to style women in versatile comfort.  Choosing natural fabric is not just a fashion statement; the fibres themselves come with amazing benefits.  Linen and flax linen, for instance, are highly absorbent conductors of heat.  They will allow your body to breath in any temperature or humidity.  We understand that Canada can get quite chilly too!  Although linen is thought of as a summer fabric, it acts as a natural insulator when layered.  The fabrics at Zahara’s have you covered for the warmer and the cooler months.