Linen Looks for Spring 2017

Spring is all about layering, especially this year when the weather is unpredictable and seasons can change on a dime.  Fashion-wise, you need to be prepared for anything!  For those sorts of days, it’s important to expect the cold but prepare for warmth as well.  Zahara’s staff members and their knowledge of women’s fashion will have you dressing your best this Spring!  Try pairing the Bryn Walker Long Full Pant in Black and matching black tank with a denim jacket.  On a brisk morning, you may want to add a light scarf to this look for some added warmth.  If the day warms up, you can easily dress this look down by un-layering.

linen looks for spring 2017

Bryn Walker has some other extremely versatile pieces in their collection this Spring such as the Atticus Romper in ‘Joy’.  It can be unbuttoned at the bottom to function as a long tunic or left done up for a harem pant style.  It pairs perfectly with a basic Bryn shirt underneath when it’s still just too cold to opt for short sleeves.  Easily modify this outfit by switching between long, ¾, and short sleeve tees to adapt to whatever weather Mother Nature throws at you!  The Atticus Romper is pictured here with a light gauze scarf to add a little floral flourish to the outfit but it is such a staple item that could be embellished with all sorts of style accessories based on your personal tastes.

linen looks for spring 2017

These are only two of a number of styles in store this Spring.  In women’s fashion, there are unlimited outfit possibilities for every season and Zahara’s Boutique is here to help you pick the combinations that suit you best!  

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