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Spring Summer 2018 Short Film

The smile, the laugh, the glow in her eyes.  The way she steps with purpose, shoulders back and high.  She’s beautiful and she knows it.  It’s not about the age or the weight, the scars or the emotional baggage.  In this moment, she loves who she is, she loves life,...

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Behind the Scenes of the Spring Summer 18 Photoshoot

It may be -10 outside, but that’s not stopping us from thinking about warmer weather. Most of our Spring Summer 2018 collections have arrived at the warehouse and that means it’s time to start photographing!   In addition to working on a new website for you...

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Summer Fashion Photo Shoot 2017

Let's get you into some great discounts 🙂 Every new subscriber to our email list receives 20% off in-store Or scroll down to read our article... In anticipation of summer, Zahara’s Boutique adventured south to the hot and sticky beaches of Florida to capture the best...

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Ageless Attire

Trends and fads will always come and go. Slim-fitting one pieces and faux leather pants catch the eyes of the young population, but next season the advertisements will push a new colour or a new silhouette and the crowds will flock to the malls to buy the latest...

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Spring Break Style

The bluest month of the year is here but that doesn’t mean that life has to be down and dismal.  It’s spring break and we know just the styles you’ll need for your vacation to paradise, wherever that may be for you! At Zahara’s Boutique, we’ll fit you with a wardrobe...

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Linen Looks For Spring 2017

Spring is all about layering, especially this year when the weather is unpredictable and seasons can change on a dime.  Fashion-wise, you need to be prepared for anything!  For those sorts of days, it’s important to expect the cold but prepare for warmth as well....

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Why We Wear Linen Clothing

Linen has been worn for at least four thousand years; the Egyptians tapped into the fibre’s versatility a long time ago, utilizing the stalks of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum to establish a revolutionizing industry.  During the Victorian era, linen became the...

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Our In-Store Experience

There's something truly special about our store experience. Our world has just become a factory of artificial interactions.  Think about it.  Reflect on the past twenty-four hours of your daily routine and try to count the number of machines you have interacted with....

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10 Reasons to Wear Linen

Go to any street market in France or Italy and you will find stall upon stall of linens for sale. It’s the fundamental fabric for most rural and urban lifestyles and has been used to produce furniture, home décor, and clothing for thousands of years. And for good...

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